quiet sirens.jpg


by Will Weston

Recorded over the span of two years in a home studio in San Francisco, Will Weston's "Quiet, Sirens" is the official long-awaited debut for the singer/songwriter. Persistently observational of the diverse city it was written in, the record reflects a period of intense development, through first-person accounts of an inhabitant of a dense and evolving city, and sonically, as an undeniable stylistic consistency manifests within the approach to the songs. Guitar-driven hooks lay the foundation for borderline pop melodies, sewn with complex vocal and instrumental harmonies, and backed by a tight and talented rhythm section of Dan Manian (bass guitar) and Marcus Cohen (trumpet). Produced by veteran Bay Area rocker Rick McKay, these 12 tracks reveal years of quiet work and an obsession to detail that translate into a diverse and deliberate collection, a response to the "voices" of sighing bus pistons and car alarms, beating to the rhythm of a city's heartbeat.

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