Limited colored golden 12" vinyl record

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edition of 300

Recorded & Mixed at Bird & Egg Studios, El Cerrito, CA by Nino Moschella
Produced by Nino Moschella & Will Weston
Mastered by Joe Laporta, Sterling Sound, NYC
Will Weston: Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Percussion  
Nino Moschella: Drums, Bass, Synths, Guitars & Backing Vocals
Max Cowan: Organ & Fender Rhodes
Cyril Guiraud: Tenor Sax
Josh Hertz: Guitars, solo on “Not So Good”
Adam Theis: Trombone
Dan Manian: Bass on “Not So Good” & “Subtleties”
Mike Olmos: Trumpet
Dame Drummer: Drums on “Not So Good” & “Subtleties”
Alisa Rose: Violin on “Able” & “Set A Course”
David Michel-Ruddy: Piano on “Able”
Graham Patzner: Violin
Lewis Patzner: Cello
String Arrangements by Will Weston, Nino Moschella, Alisa Rose, Graham & Lewis Patzner
Horn Arrangements by Will Weston, Nino Moschella, Adam Theis, Cyril Guiraud & Mike Olmos
Additional Audio Sourced from The Loop Loft, NASA, The Paul Weston Orchestra & “The Artist’s
Struggle for Integrity” by James Baldwin, New York City, 1962.
Cover & Interior Photography by Ashley Batz
Design & Layout by Noa Emberson @ Joy Stain
Vinyl pressed by Palomino Records
All songs written by Will Weston except:
“Set A Course” written by Will Weston & Nino Moschella
“Avalon” written by Will Weston & Nino Moschella
Carl Sagan once stated that “for small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only
through love.” So it must be, for what my own judgment is worth, that love is the great unseeable
meridian that encircles us all, a line that quietly measures each of us by our own ability to give.
Beyond original intent, this record is a hopeful testament to the arc of my own efforts to be both
known and loved, and a continued study of the delineation and interconnectedness of thinly
separated realities, bodies, and states. May each of us be so fortunate as to find the path to our
own borderline, and the courage to cross over it. In this, I want to be able.
First and foremost, the contribution given to this work by Nino Moschella transcends that of an
engineer, producer, musician, or friend. His commitment to welcoming the development of this
project went so far as to allow me to sleep on an air mattress in the studio for weeks at a time.
Any fan of his playing will recognize it instantly on this record, his generosity toward this body of
work cannot be overstated. Additional thanks to Cyril Guiraud & doubleOone, who sponsored
early studio sessions & broadcast us live. Ashley Batz, with whom I was not arrested. Rick
Mckay, whose steady support has been a bedrock. Sam Huntington, for his undying commitment
to the large hadron collider. The Miners, for their wisdom & relentless love. Noa Emberson, for his
second tour. Lizzy D, Rivington Royalty. NASA, for writing me back. Duran Rose, for his tasteful
disregard of no-fly ordinances. Maika Hemphill, for being there. Lastly, to all members of this now
vast family of musicians I’ve been fortunate enough to fold into this chapter- it has been my honor
and joy to play alongside, and attempt to keep up with you all. Thought this day would never
come indeed. Thank you for owning, supporting, & enabling this work. Play it loud.

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